Why Use Wrap & Send?

Wrap & Send offers an in-store shipping department solution that is managed by expert retail veterans.

By using Wrap & Send, your company will eliminate payroll and benefit expenses associated with staffing an in-house shipping department, eliminate all shipping supply costs, and guarantee fast delivery to your customers.

Packages sent by a Wrap & Send in-store shipping department are consistent from store-to-store, helping reinforce your brand promise to your customers.

Wrap & Send employees pack merchandise to your company standard each and every time to eliminate packing waste, movement or damage during shipping.

Employees are rigorously trained to pack items according to your retail brand’s standards, which are communicated in written, picture and video manuals. Wrap & Send staff are subject to ongoing quality control package audits, ensuring that each package is wrapped and packed the same no matter the location from which it ships.

Wrap & Send works closely with clients to develop packing standards that meet your brand image, customer expectations and expense goals.

All packages are perfectly packed to fit the product to the box, fill voids and prevent shifting during transport. The perfect size box, amount of tape and dunnage are used to reduce billable shipping weight by as much as one pound, effectively reducing merchandise damage and shipping costs.

Wrap & Send ships all orders received by 2 p.m. the same day, with a 99.3% same-day shipping record.

With the increasing trend toward omni-channel retailing and locator services, customers expect that the merchandise they order is delivered to them quickly. Timely shipping and delivery help keep luxury retail customers happy, further encouraging them to shop with your company.

Wrap & Send manages shipping vendors under contract with your company, ensuring packages are delivered to your customer on time and in perfect condition.

Wrap & Send works closely with the following shipping vendors:

  • United States Postal Service
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • International shipping vendors